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May 2020

From the minute Hannah meets Sonny, there’s an irresistible spark between them: he’s sexy and confident, but only in town on holiday. That’s fine with Hannah – she doesn’t do relationships. And luckily for her, neither does Sonny. A short fling should suit them both. But when Sonny receives some shocking news, he commits to making serious life changes, beginning with a vow of abstinence.


Now that romance is off the cards, Hannah and Sonny become friends. But as summer hots up and their chemistry shows no signs of cooling, they start to question their reasons for shutting each other out.


Are they both too broken to find love? And if they tear down the walls between them, will they still like what’s on the other side?

May 2019

Angie has always wanted to travel. But at 27, she has still never left her small mining town in the Australian outback. When her grandmother passes away, Angie finally feels free to see the world – until she discovers a letter addressed to the father she never knew and is forced to question everything.
As Angie sets off on her journey to find the truth – about her family, her past and who she really is – will enigmatic stranger Alessandro help guide the way?

Sun in her Eyes PBB front.jpg


Blinding sunshine... A bend in the road... What became of the little girl with the sun in her eyes?


Amber was three when a car crash stole her mother's life. She doesn't remember the accident, but a stranger at the scene has been unable to forget. Now, almost thirty years later, she's trying to track Amber down.


Amber, meanwhile, is married to Ned and living on the other side of the world in London. When her father has a stroke, she flies home to Australia to be with him. Away from her husband, Amber finds comfort in her oldest friends, but her feelings for Ethan, the gorgeous, green-eyed man she once fell for, have never been platonic.


As Ethan and Amber grow closer, married life in London feels very far away. Then Amber receives a letter that changes everything.


'Before your mother died, she asked me to tell you something...'


“Tender, heartbreaking and magical.”​




Paige Toon grew up between England, Australia and America and has been writing books set in sun-drenched locations around the world since 2007. She has written fourteen women's fiction novels, a three-part spin-off series for young adults and a collection of short stories. Her novels have sold 1.5 million copies worldwide.


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